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Privacy Policy

Data Protection

We have received signed consent from guardians/parents with regards the students and children featured on this website. If guardians/parents wish to withdraw their consent and desire that their child(ren) no longer appear on this website, please email us at

The only data we hold with regards students featuring on this site is their name, school and contact details of consenting guardians/parents. No other data is held.

Videos on this website are hosted via Vimeo. The videos featured on this site can only be viewed through this website, and cannot be accessed via search engines, viewed or embedded on other web platforms.

Data is held only for the purpose of identifying students and schools in their respective videos. The data we hold will have been provided by you via physical consent form(s). If you believe that we hold in correct data, or wish for it to be updated, please email at

Access to your data is restricted to one individual at Jersey Festival of Words. The festival has its own Data Protection policy, is registered with the Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner and has its own Data Protection Officer.